Frequently asked questions

We understand you will likely have questions before visiting us. We have provided answers to common queries below.

If you require eye surgery this will take place in our operating theatres on site at St George’s Hospital. Our modern theatres are equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled staff.
Yes, there is a parking building on the St George’s Hospital site. This can be accessed off Heaton Street, Leinster Road or Papanui Road.Charges are $2.00 per half hour (maximum charge $14.00). There is no charge if you enter and exit the site within 30 minutes.
We are conveniently located at St George’s Hospital in Christchurch. You will find our consulting rooms on the ground floor of the Canon Wilford Wing – which can be accessed through the Hospital’s main entrance and reception. You will see our clinic near the café.
Yes, you are welcome to bring a family member, friend or support person to your appointment.
Before visiting St George’s Eye Care we prefer that you see either an optometrist or your GP, who can then provide us with details of your eye condition. If this is not possible, or in an urgent situation, please contact us and we may be able to help.
A visit to an eye clinic can be quite different from seeing other medical specialists, as it often involves extensive testing onsite using our state-of-the art equipment. Typically, you will see a technician or nurse at first, and then see the ophthalmologist once testing has been completed.Please bring with you any glasses you use and a list of current medications. If your eye condition is the result of an injury, please also bring any relevant ACC documentation.
Yes, we see all patients after eye surgery and the cost of at least one follow-up appointment is usually included in the price. If you have minor surgery on the eyelids then a follow-up may not always be necessary.For cataract surgery, post-operative appointments are typically scheduled at two and six weeks after surgery. On the day after surgery we often phone you to check that there are no complications, or sometimes we will ask you to come to the clinic.
No. You can see us as a private paying patient, or our charges may be covered by your health insurance policy.We are affiliated with Southern Cross and NIB, which means we can liaise with them on your behalf. For other insurers you will need to pay us directly and then submit a claim to your insurer.Sometimes an insurer may ask you to seek pre-approval prior to surgical procedures.
If you are a new patient, we will often need to use eye drops to dilate your pupils. These take time to take effect and may blur your vision for several hours, so you will need someone to drive you home. We will advise you before your appointment if we expect that you will need pupil dilation.